About EsKay Equestrians, Inc.


Sarah was 4 years old when she began riding her Shetland pony, Twinkles. Sarah was actively involved with the Eugene Pony Club, riding western and participating in gaming events as well as showmanship. Twinkles was the kind of pony that would do anything for Sarah.

At the age of 7, Sarah started riding a new bigger pony, Zorro.  Zorro was a black and white pinto gelding.  She learned how to be tough from riding him, as he could sometimes be a brat. Sarah’s love of dressage began on Zorro.

When Sarah outgrew Zorro, her parents bought her the Thoroughbred mare, Lady M. Lady taught Sarah how to have tact and finesse. Lady and Sarah made it to fourth level dressage before Lady was retired. Sarah owned lady for 27 years until Lady passed away at the age of 33 in 2016.

These three equines helped to develop Sarah’s passion and knowledge of horses. She feels very blessed to have had such amazing stepping stones. From them she learned what it takes to become a true horse women.

Today Sarah owns and operates her own boarding and training facility located in Eugene, Oregon, with a focus on dressage. Sarah believes that in order to become a great horse person you must accomplish: Patience, Practice and Persistence, while enjoying the journey along the way.

Sarah’s Current coaches


Sarah is a dedicated trainer who is passionate about the discipline of dressage. She is fully committed to our success as riders, and determined to help us achieve our goals.
– L. Clendenen

Dedicated to Classical Dressage, Sarah is a very skilled, knowledgeable and encouraging trainer for both me and my horse.
– M. Taylor

When we were offered the incredible opportunity to relocate to Europe, one of my main concerns was finding exceptional homes in which to place my horses. One of my PRE mares was ready to start under saddle, and without hesitation I chose to send her into full training with Sarah to prepare her to sell. While in Sarah’s care, my mare was given the love and attention I would have given her personally (if not more!). Sarah allowed me to make the move without having to worry about my mare, and I cannot thank her enough!
– K. Hill

Sarah takes impeccable care of the horses in her barn. I feel 100% comfortable with my horse in her care. As a trainer and instructor she is patient with both horse and rider, yet gives that extra challenge when needed to achieve one’s goals. She thoroughly covers the basics, and instructs according to the individual needs of horse and rider. I have learned an amazing amount from Sarah. Plus, she attends clinics for her own riding advancement, and that new knowledge is often passed on in her lessons with students. I highly recommend Sarah and her barn.
– L. Eaton