Izarra GHF

Izarra GHF
(Romerito II x Helena GHF)

izarraIzarra and Sarah have been together since June 2008. She is the one whom started Sarah’s passion for Andalusians! This is the story of how Sarah become her person:

Looking for horses for a client, I came across an ad in our local paper. It read: Appaloosas and Quarter horses For Sale. I called the number and made an appointment to go out and take a look at them. When I drove in, I didn’t see any Appaloosas or Quarter horses at first. What I saw were beautiful long flowing manes and tails that belonged to Andalusians! I didn’t know at the time that I drove into my future!

I got out of the car and a lady came up to me. She said, ”Are you the person that called about the horses?” I said yes. She showed me the horses mentioned in the ad, but they were not what my client was needing. I asked about the other horses that I saw. With a smile, she replied those are Andalusians.

I followed her out to the pasture where they stood. My heart stopped. The lady said that two mares were for sale. I thought to myself, Sarah, you can NOT afford them, turn away. I went home that night feeling really disappointed knowing that I couldn’t afford such a nice horse. After talking with my father and Paul, we worked out a plan.

Paul and I went back to take a look. Paul said look at that grey one! When I saw her, when I REALLY saw her, time stood still! I knew I had to have her. I asked, “who is that one?” The women replied, that is Izarra. After about a week we finally were able to go back once more so I could try her. The rest is history.

Our first year together Izarra and I were the ODS League Champions for Intro Level. Then we showed the following year Training level, qualifying for the USDF Oregon State Championships. We went to the Canadian Nationals in 2011 and won two national titles: Training Level Dressage and Dressage Suitability. We also took home two reserves: First Level Dressage and Hunt Seat.

In 2012 we went to the US National Andalusian Championships in Texas. Izarra and I won two Reserve Championships — Second Level Dressage as well as Spanish Mares 5 and Over (halter).

We attend Horse Expos and Fairs. Izarra is a wonderful ambassador for the Andalusian breed!

What I love most about Izarra is how she brought back a lot of my childhood by allowing me to ride her bareback with just a halter and lead rope. She is a sweet and kind mare that I can always put my whole trust into. Izarra is my heart horse!